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General forum discussion / Q & A
by Celice
Feb 21, 2018 23:24:28 GMT

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Research concerning vocalists, discussion pertaining to those vocals, and workshopping of threads for posting on the forthcoming main site goes here.

Request Orphaned Threads
by rtim
Feb 23, 2018 7:31:14 GMT
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Attila Csihar
by IhateMana
Feb 23, 2018 4:37:41 GMT
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Is this mixed voice? Please help(:
by suzda
Feb 23, 2018 8:25:18 GMT

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Looking to talk about your favorite band, the new album you like, or anything not specifically about vocals? Here is the place to go.

The Song/Album Rankings Thread
by Baronessa
Feb 22, 2018 13:59:42 GMT
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Shameless Self-Advertising

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Wish to show off your singing skills, your new album, or something else in that vein? Come here to do so.

batouttahell singing thread
by batouttahell
Feb 22, 2018 23:30:03 GMT